April, 2017


Hello gang;

    I hope that you all have your Mustangs polished and upgraded because in 3 weeks we will be starting the 2017 season! I for one have not had time to do anything to my Mustangs as other more important things have to be taken care of. But that will not stop me from using them. All the permissions have been granted to us for the use of the parking lot at the “Center of Montville” for our monthly cruise nights and for our fundraising efforts for CCMC. I know I can count on the membership to yet again have a successful season.

    I have some sad news to relay to you regarding the passing of Clayton Long father of Lorraine Loiselle and also the passing of Hank Zurowski who founded Hank’s Dairy Bar in Plainfield in 1957. They will be missed by family and friends. Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.

    Our first event of 2017 will be at Auto Zone in Groton on Saturday April 15th from noon until 3 pm. So bring your Mustang, family and friends and enjoy this first outing of the year. Also remember that this will be a great time to renew your membership for 2017. If you know of any Mustang owners that we have not yet met by all means bring them to Auto Zone. This event always brings us new Mustang enthusiast’s each year and is also a great time to get together with other car owners that come on down to say hello after a long winter. This is always a Mustang only event but we always have time for our friends with other makes and models. After all, our motto is “where family and friends come together”.

    Always remember that car shows are not just for adults. Bring a child to any car show and teach them the history of the automotive hobby and its many different sides. I enjoy bringing my granddaughter Marissa. She loves to go and check out the cars. Once we both got to ride in a 1914 Ford Touring convertible which was the best part of that whole weekend. They are the future of the hobby so let’s get them interested. Who knows they may even surprise you with some knowledge!

See you at Auto Zone,




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