June, 2017


Hello gang;

    While we really needed the rain it would be nice if it would stop on the weekend so we can get things done and maybe get in a show or two. Living in the woods you want to see rain to keep things wet but let’s face it enough is enough. And the temps could also be a little higher, just a little because to high you don’t want to go out and do things. Then again we live in New England. Ocean Beach has been rained out for the past month with only one show done. They are not alone as many other events now have been rained out and are waiting for the new dates if there will be any.

    SCMC held there first monthly cruise night on May 20th and the weather was great and so were the cars that stopped by. It was great to see all our friends out and about enjoying each others company and the great rides as well. Some new events are still being updated on the clubs website as they come in. Check out the calendar for something you may be interested in. Also go to the clubs Facebook page for events that we support. There are plenty of things to do this summer.

    Just because it is cruise season does not mean I don’t need articles for the newsletter. While I ask for things that could go on the “Mustang How To” section you can also write about an event that you attended. Some Mustang trivia would also be great to send in.

    There is one long standing event that will not be taking place for us this year and that is the Groton July 4th Parade. I have not received any information as I have in past years to sign up. Sign up is usually in March and has not been received this year.

    Pray for nice weather and get out and enjoy the shows. Take that Mustang out and run it, you know you want to.

See you at the next show,




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