On behalf of the Southeastern Connecticut Mustang Club, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the newest members that have joined us so far this year as well as those that are returning. Let’s continue to give Mustang owners in the area something to talk about!

Lucien Boutin
Membership Chairman

Come and join the areas fastest growing Mustang Club. All Mustangs are welcome.

Fill out Membership Application, Print and Mail to: Lucien Boutin, 2 Pine Valley Drive, Voluntown, CT 06384

1970 Mach I
owned by Bo M.

1965 Fastback
owned by Duke M.
1978 Mustang II 2+2
owned by Lucien B.
1986 LX Coupe
owned by Lucien B.
1977 Mustang II Cobra II
owned by Lucien B.
1967 Convertible
owned by Jeanette S.
1966 Coupe
owned by Bob L.
1971 Mach I
owned by Bob L.
2003 GT Coupe
owned Charles C.
1989 GT
owned by Sony L.
1968 Convertible
owned by Becky P.
2013 Shelby Convertible
owned by Beck & Joe P.
1969 Mach I
owned by Joe P.
1995 GT Convertible
owned by Bob & Mary A.
1969 Coupe
owned by Drew D.
2008 Bullitt
owned by Clem & Diane B.
1995 GTS Coupe
owned by Mike S.
2004 Mach 1
owned by Frank I.
2014 5.0 Coupe
owned by Rob C.
1999 GT Convertible
owned by James F.
1994 Cobra Convertible
owned by Jim & Susan F.
1966 Coupe
owned by Jim & Susan F.
20036 Convertible
owned by Ashley & Tim R.

2003 Convertible
owned by Ashley & Tim R.

2014 Coupe
owned by Cas G.
2008 GT Premium Coupe
owned by Jane & Jack P.

2010 Coupe
owned by Erik M.

1964 1/2 Coupe
owned by Will & Sarah R.

2003 Mach I
owned by Jessica L.
2001 Saleen
owned by Josh B.
2013 GT Coupe
owned by Andrew B.
2007 Stage 3 Roush
owned by Paul B.
1966 Coupe
owned by Nickolas & April D.
1968 Coupe
owned by George & Susan P.
2008 Premium Convertible
owned by Jeanne & Dan T.
1968 Coupe
owned by Rich C.
1966 Convertible
owned by Shari L.
2006 GT Premium
owned by Bill L.
2015 5.0 Coupe
owned by Chris D.
2010 Roush
owned by Marc M.